Company Profile

Along with the development of the times, now the spa became one of the treatments are not foreign to some people. Spa has evolved into a body, beauty, and health care center for the public, babies and pregnant women. Spa has many spa benefits such as, reduce stress, eliminate muscle stiffness and leg cramps, reduce swelling in the legs, accelerate blood circulation, improve posture, and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. If the psychic mother is healthy, then she will give birth to a cheerful child, not easily fussy, easily controlled emotions, and others.

La Familia Spa is a brand of La Familia Holding Pte Ltd based in Singapore. La Familia provides various types of spa treatments for babies, pregnant women, and regular comfortable and quality. At La Familia Spa, treatment is done by professional therapists certified directly from Singapore.

Together with various partners in the field of beauty and health, La Familia works professionally to provide satisfaction to customers and always strive to achieve the vision and mission that has been outlined.


We are a Provider and places to create a family wellness for improve their health


We Providing World-Class Products and Services that include “Baby & Mom Spa” and “Kids & Fam Spa”

Families and Kids is easy to stress by Physically, Mentality and Financialy.


LA FAMILIA are stand to facilitate the parents and child from their workload life.