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Weight less child, how the solution?

Providing a pleasant atmosphere and way of feeding, for example giving music that is HAPPY (not soft music) with a fun atmosphere, giving a movie show (while doing speech and language stimulation), bringing to the park, etc.

Good evening doc, i has a baby girl aged 10.5 months. his current weight is 8 kg and 76cm long. at this time the appetite of the child sy very less dock. to overcome her, i try to make food by adding a little flavor. is this permissible doc?
Thank You – Arief

Dear Mr. Arief,
With a 10-month-old baby’s age His normal weight is between 7.7 – 9.3 kg and with a body length of about 72 cm, so in fact it’s still normal, talking about flavoring, it’s OK to give food seasonings to children at an age of growth (its brand varies), because flavoring gives a bad effect, especially when already on the verge that already FDA (food and drug administration) specify. to increase appetite, parents actually play a very important role in eating patterns:

  1. Parents should provide food intake with the same pattern of the clock, so the child’s hunger pattern is formed, so guns can today eat at 8 am, tomorrow at 10 am because the child is still sleeping, so get used to waking with the same clock pattern.
  2. Milk should not be in before meals, so you should wake up instead of drinking milk immediately, remember the main nutritional intake not from milk, but from diverse foods (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals).
  3. Milk is not the main source of nutrition, milk is only complementary, milk should only 2-3 times giving about once giving 500 cc maximum given.
  4. Food has been accustomed to vary since childhood, so the taste of diverse children and taste and taste tasted trained with a variety of foods.
  5. Providing a pleasant atmosphere and way of feeding, for example giving music that is HAPPY (not soft music) with a fun atmosphere, giving a movie show (while doing speech and language stimulation), bringing to the park, etc.

hopefully these tips provide benefits

Dear Doctor, I want to ask if the child is bloated belly trus it how to don’t bloat again? Tq doc.
Best regards, Friana

Hi Mommy Friana, Your baby is often fussy and crying as if he will feel discomfort with the condition of his body, when his belly bulge and when knocked seemed to feel a change from normal baby’s stomach condition. This happens because of an increase in the amount of gas in the baby’s digestive tract or known as bloating. In infants less than 4 months the condition occurs because it has not produced a strong digestive organs that easily increase the gas in the stomach and intestine section, though you do not need to panic.

You can find out the causes of flatulence in your baby. Under normal circumstances in the abdomen does have air content but not in excessive amounts so that air content will return to normal in the stomach when your baby has dispose of gas. However, there are some conditions that cause the increase of air in the baby’s stomach, causing the baby’s stomach bloating like the lack of proper nutrition in your baby, is experiencing respiratory problems such as shortness of breath so that air into the abdomen more than normal, can tolerate lactose formula so much of thecontent lactose can cause gas in the intestine or passage disorders (food travel) in infants who have received complementary feeding.

Dr Gunadi (@tri_gunadi) – Jakarta, February 3, 2018

Dear Doctor, Baby I just entered 5M, weight 6.3 kg is this weight normal? my baby is also hard to sleep most naps only 30 m enit continue to wake up. how to overcome the difficulty of sleeping in the daytime? but at night his sleep was asleep.
Best regards, Melisa

Hi Mommy Melisa, Your baby’s weight is normal. Baby Hydrotherapy & Massage Treatment on a weekly basis for your baby is recommended for more developed motor muscle development and can help your complaints. The closest treatment place can be viewed at

Dr Gunadi(@tri_gunadi) – Jakarta, February 3 ,2018

Day dock, My son, Joel, is currently 4 months old with a bb / tb 6.72 kg / 63 cm. After immunization at 4 months of age, DSA gives the sangobion drops to be consumed daily until “eat saucy”. I try to discuss with my brother who was so mommy first and he said baby he never given vitamin at the age of 4 months. How ya dock actually.
Best regards, Angela

Hi Mommy Angela, Actually, supplemental vitamin supplementation is not needed as long as his intake of milk is enough and good process of suction, because supposedly age 4 months is exclusively breastfed and blm may be other additives such as water, formula and supplementary food.

Dr Gunadi(@tri_gunadi) – Jakarta, February 3 ,2018